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Building My Class Website (Day 3 | Setting Up the Base Controllers)

Ok so we’re done with configuring CodeIgniter and setting up the environment and databse.

What’s next? Setting Up the Base Controllers.

Why? Because we want to set some settings for some page. For instance, in the admin page we need to check if a user is logged in. We will make use of base controllers and extend it so as to set control to some pages that needs it.

Task 3: Setting Up the Base Controllers

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My Dream Website

One of the things that I wanted to do aside from this blog site was to create a course website for my class.

I want a website where my students could view announcements, links, slides and other matters related to the course I am teaching.

I captured the following websites because I like how the sections are divided and I plan to adapt some of the features of it so as to give the Users an experience of a website Interface that can easily be navigated.

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Soon enough, I’ll start this off..

I’ll be posting updates on my work. so stay tuned. 😉


P.S. I might put tutorials too. 😀

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