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Lessons learned in Life

  • One way to live happily is to take every moment as an opportunity to learn. Make everything count. Everything happens for a reason, and kung alam mo yung reason behind–yung lesson behind every situation, mas panatag ang loob mo especially sa mga hard times. Sometimes during hard times, di natin agad naiintindihan ang mga bagay bagay because our minds are filled with a lot of questions, we’re shocked actually and tell you what, di mo naman kailangan magreact agad, what you can do is Pray — pray that you’ll be able to understand things in time. Continue praying and the Lord will give you the answer.
  • Wag kang magpapaniwala sa mga naiisip mo lang. Sa mga inaassume mo without facts. Don’t believe in something na gawa gawa lang nang isip mo. Example, you saw the cover photo of your ex telling about something troubling him/her. Don’t assume that he/she is thinking about you. It wasn’t you. Di mo naman nakikita mga posts nya, all you see is some part of the profile. Malay mo di naman talaga sya miserable. Okay, naman pala sya. Nagustuhan nya lang yung picture kasi may sense para sa kanya. Remember, meron na syang iba, and whenever we have someone in our life, we are busy about them, we don’t think about our ex because it’ll be considered cheating right? So yun, hayaan mo na sya, don’t assume because hindi ka na nya iniisip. Move on. Uulitin ko, hindi ka na nya iniisip.
  • Sometimes we feel bad whenever somebody would tell us comments on our attitude or what. We feel bad because di natin matanggap yung sinabi nila that time, especially pag medyo rude yung approach. But here’s what, you should be thankful na nakakareceive ka ng comments from these people. Why? because they’ve been honest with you. Buti nga narinig mo sa kanila yun first-hand eh. Kesa naman sa iba mo pa marinig yung comments nila. Which is inappropriate and feels worse right? So yun, you should be thankful about them and acknowledge their honesty. For the rude approach part, intindihin mo na lang sila, baka may pinagdadaanan lang or hindi lang talaga nila alam yung tamang approach. What is more important here is that, honest sila sayo.

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Love Yourself and Let Go…

Since I am heartbroken at the moment because something just ended between me and my love.. I am trying to divert my attention right now and focus on the good things and activities that could make me happy…

I might have a chance of drowning myself and become depressed because of what happened but since, logically thinking, if I keep on dwelling on the past, it’ll affect much of my life and eventually waste a lot of time and resources I have..

So here’s my action plan to save my life and make it colorful again.. 🙂

  1. Travel to beautiful places:
    • Mountain
    • Hotspring
    • Legaspi Tourist Destinations
  2. Eat masasarap na foods.
  3. Buy clothes and apparels.
  4. Have my hair cut and colored.
  5. Record a Dance Routine
  6. Buy something from my wishlist:
    • Acoustic Guitar
    • Electric Guitar
    • Speakers
    • Iphone
    • MacBook


[UPDATE] November 13, 2017

Funny thing is that I didn’t do any of those things. Hahaha! But here are the things that worked for me in the previous months:

  • Prayed. Yes, I prayed to God to guide and help me get through it. I asked that may I be able to understand the things happening in my life and help me regain myself.
  • Talk to someone. Luckily, I found a new best friend who was there to listen and make me feel good always. She was the only person who made me feel important when I, myself couldn’t see my worth anymore. I think God sent me an angel in disguise and I owe this to Him and her for saving my life.
  • Spent time with the people who originally was my source of happiness — my Family and Friends. I felt happy again when I realized that happiness is just around and it shouldn’t be dependent on only one source. I learned that you shouldn’t neglect them when you are in a relationship because their love is incomparable. 🙂
  • Played some card games. Games make you feel happy right? Games had helped me divert my attention.
  • Stopped stalking. Okay, I had to use another account to stalk but then time came when I realized that I had to stop because I always end up bothered and worried. I asked for the signs and the last sign God gave me was when I saw someone next to her in her profile picture. I immediately did something to confirm it and guess what, it wasn’t a fake news. So with that, I told myself “tama na kha, may nanalo na… tama na yan… wala ka nang magagawa…”. Yes, this is painful but I was surprised that time because I didn’t cry so much. Maybe because I was numbed already by weeping every day and night over someone who doesn’t think about me anymore. I felt tired that time. As in my heart is tired of crying so there it goes — I had to stop.
  • Don’t listen to sad songs. This is important because sad songs will give you heavy emotions which will not help you out. Change your playlist and listen to songs that make you happy. Love songs don’t count ok?. haha. Why? because it will just make you feel in love about someone you will never have again, thus, for me, I classify it as Sad Song (only for this moment because it will just make you remember those happy moments you had and eventually make you sad because you can’t do anything about it). You can listen to it when you are already in love again. But for now, I recommend happy songs or songs the uplifts you or songs that reflect your personality. It should make you happy, not cry.
  • Lastly, let go, forgive yourself, love yourself and start a new life. This is it, this is the sweetest part, we only live once so let’s not waste it, enjoy it and live it. 🙂

That’s all for the update. Ciao! 🙂


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Ma’am Help!


The text below was one of my entries in the Journal app installed on my mobile.. I decided to post this because I’d like to share the feeling I felt when I did this…

so here it goes…

“okay, so i had this student of mine who was asking for help about their thesis..they were looking for a programmer who specializes in java..

i have known a few, my classmates to be specific, but they were all professionals already and i don’t think they can do the job for these students because they are also busy in their work..

so i just told the students that i can’t help them..

i felt sorry for them because they are at the peak of their thesis, they were the only group who’s having dilemma on their project and pressured with not having a final defense yet..

since i felt sorry and wanted to help even a little, i had sent them message instead to make them feel my support and uplift their spirits despite the pressure they are undergoing at the moment..

i said,

“okok.. good luck po and always tatagan ang boot, sometimes we may feel helpless pero it’s just a test kung papano kita ma disposition and papano ta dadarahon ang sarong problem. if we stop looking for solutions and just give up, mayo kita kayan matatapos or dae ta man lng masosolve ang problem. pero if you would go and keep finding solutions  to solve it, you will never feel you failed even if it failed in the end coz you did your best.. if in case ma-encounter mo sya ulit, you will never feel afraid anymore because you already learned how to attack such problem and from this moment, you are now wiser and strong and able to take on the challenge kasi naagihan mo na sya and aram mo na kung anong gigibuhon.. kaya go lang, laban pra sa kinabukasan.. good luck! :)”

i don’t know if they will appreciate it but i do hope it helps even just a bit..

hay, teacher’s life.. hehe!

this is one of the best things that a person could feel. to help out someone not in terms of material things but through intangible things..

this is also a documentation so that if in case i happen to feel the down somewhere in time, something would remind me of the things i did when i was inspired.. i just hope i won’t feel depressed again and would stay positive as always.. i hate it whenever i lose hope and lose myself..

(emotional moment here) hehe!

this is for my students and for me as well..”

That’s it. 🙂

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