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Fighter (Guitar Cover)

Alright, so I was looking for the song Fighter by Christina Aguilar on Youtube and found this AWESOME!!!!! cover..

It’s so beautiful.. 😀

Someday I’m gonna play this with my (future) electric guitar too. 😀

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Building My Class Website (Day 3 | Setting Up the Base Controllers)

Ok so we’re done with configuring CodeIgniter and setting up the environment and databse.

What’s next? Setting Up the Base Controllers.

Why? Because we want to set some settings for some page. For instance, in the admin page we need to check if a user is logged in. We will make use of base controllers and extend it so as to set control to some pages that needs it.

Task 3: Setting Up the Base Controllers

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Building My Class Website (Day 2 | Configuring CodeIgniter)

Ok, so in the previous tutorial we’ve learned how to download and install the tools we needed to build our website.

Today, we are going to tweak some parts of our framework to suit our website and secure some parts of it. By these, we mean configuring the CodeIgniter files and setting up the environment and databases.

Task 2: Configuring CodeIgniter and Setting up the Environment and Database

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Building My Class Website (Day 1 | Setting Up Everything)

Ok, so as promised I will be uploading documentation on how I’m going to build my (dream) class website.

Here it is! 😀

Task 1: Installing and Configuring Sublime, XAMPP and CodeIgniter

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WAMP: acronym for Windows Operating System, Apache(Web server), MySQL Database and PHP Language.

XAMPP: acronym for X (any Operating System), Apache (Web server), MySQL Database, PHP Language and PERL.

XAMPP and WampServer are both free packages of WAMP, with additional applications/tools, put together by different people.

Their differences are in the format/structure of the package, the configurations, and the included management applications.

In short: XAMPP supports more OSes and includes more features


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What is MVC?

Screenshot from 2017-05-15 11-01-00.png

  • M – Model. Holds all the functions on all the database queries such as CRUD – Create, Read, Update and Delete.
  • V – View. Holds all the HTML as well as output any of the variable that got pushed from the Controller. It doesn’t have any database syntax. Takes any of the variables from the Controller and uses HTML to display information.
  • C – Controller. Acts as a middle man between the Model and the View. It directs where everything goes. It determines if it needs whether to communicate with the Model and then it grabs any of the results from the database and it sends that information to the View.


View and Model don’t communicate with each other.

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