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Love Yourself and Let Go…

Since I am heartbroken at the moment because something just ended between me and my love.. I am trying to divert my attention right now and focus on the good things and activities that could make me happy…

I might have a chance of drowning myself and become depressed because of what happened but since, logically thinking, if I keep on dwelling on the past, it’ll affect much of my life and eventually waste a lot of time and resources I have..

So here’s my action plan to save my life and make it colorful again.. 🙂

  1. Travel to beautiful places:
    • Mountain
    • Hotspring
    • Legaspi Tourist Destinations
  2. Eat masasarap na foods.
  3. Buy clothes and apparels.
  4. Have my hair cut and colored.
  5. Record a Dance Routine
  6. Buy something from my wishlist:
    • Acoustic Guitar
    • Electric Guitar
    • Speakers
    • Iphone
    • MacBook


[UPDATE] November 13, 2017

Funny thing is that I didn’t do any of those things. Hahaha! But here are the things that worked for me in the previous months:

  • Prayed. Yes, I prayed to God to guide and help me get through it. I asked that may I be able to understand the things happening in my life and help me regain myself.
  • Talk to someone. Luckily, I found a new best friend who was there to listen and make me feel good always. She was the only person who made me feel important when I, myself couldn’t see my worth anymore. I think God sent me an angel in disguise and I owe this to Him and her for saving my life.
  • Spent time with the people who originally was my source of happiness — my Family and Friends. I felt happy again when I realized that happiness is just around and it shouldn’t be dependent on only one source. I learned that you shouldn’t neglect them when you are in a relationship because their love is incomparable. 🙂
  • Played some card games. Games make you feel happy right? Games had helped me divert my attention.
  • Stopped stalking. Okay, I had to use another account to stalk but then time came when I realized that I had to stop because I always end up bothered and worried. I asked for the signs and the last sign God gave me was when I saw someone next to her in her profile picture. I immediately did something to confirm it and guess what, it wasn’t a fake news. So with that, I told myself “tama na kha, may nanalo na… tama na yan… wala ka nang magagawa…”. Yes, this is painful but I was surprised that time because I didn’t cry so much. Maybe because I was numbed already by weeping every day and night over someone who doesn’t think about me anymore. I felt tired that time. As in my heart is tired of crying so there it goes — I had to stop.
  • Don’t listen to sad songs. This is important because sad songs will give you heavy emotions which will not help you out. Change your playlist and listen to songs that make you happy. Love songs don’t count ok?. haha. Why? because it will just make you feel in love about someone you will never have again, thus, for me, I classify it as Sad Song (only for this moment because it will just make you remember those happy moments you had and eventually make you sad because you can’t do anything about it). You can listen to it when you are already in love again. But for now, I recommend happy songs or songs the uplifts you or songs that reflect your personality. It should make you happy, not cry.
  • Lastly, let go, forgive yourself, love yourself and start a new life. This is it, this is the sweetest part, we only live once so let’s not waste it, enjoy it and live it. 🙂

That’s all for the update. Ciao! 🙂


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